Cancellation & Refund policy

Not happy with your rental?

If you are not satisfied with an item or it doesn’t fit, you have up to and including 4 days to withdraw from the service to send it back to us once you have received the item(s).

You will only receive a refund if you:

  • Please make sure you do not remove the tag or wear the Item(s)
  • You may have tried on the item, but must not have broken the returns tag and other labels on the item.
  • Complete the ‘Returns Delivery Note’ and place in the package together with the unworn GANNI Item(s) and attach the prepaid returns sticker to the front.
  • Send back via Parcel Shop within 4 days


Cancelling your order:

 If your order has not been shipped yet, you can cancel your order at any time after placing your rental, and up to and including 14 days after receipt of the items you ordered. You just need to ensure that you press the “Cancel” button on your account before the shipment is sent.

If you have booked a rental for a future date, and you need to cancel, make sure you cancel up to 14 days after your placed your rental.

If your rental items are more than 2 days late, you can cancel your order for rental by contacting our customer service at Please remember that you have to keep the documentation showing that the delivery was late, as we otherwise cannot refund you.

The regulations regarding defects of the Danish Sale of Goods Act apply, and you also have a 2-year warranty period as stated in the Danish Consumer Protection Act