Cookie Policy

On this page you can read more about GANNI's Cookie Policy. We are very aware of the fact that your Personal Information must be protected and processed in a responsible manner, and you can read more about how we collect, process and store your Personal Information in our Privacy Policy.


1. What are cookies?
Nowadays, cookies are used by virtually all websites and platforms. In many cases, cookies are necessary to deliver a given service on the website or the platform.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer/smartphone/tablet when you visit a website, so that your device can be recognised the next time you visit the website. Cookies can be used for purposes such as the compilation of statistics about visitors' use of the website and to optimise site content. Cookies are safe and reliable files that are unable to run programming code and spread viruses, and which cannot be used to collect information about what else you use your computer for.

A cookie is a passive file and cannot gather information from your computer, spread computer viruses or other programs that can damage your computer. Some cookies are placed by other parties (so-called third parties) than the party that is displayed in your browser’s address bar (the URL). They may feature standard content but could also be analytical tools or embedded comment fields. This means that cookies are stored that originate from parties other than the website owner.

2. Use of cookies on the platform
By visiting and using our Platform, cookies are collected and used on the basis of consent. Information in these cookies include browser type, search terms on our website(s), search terms on other website(s), IP address, location at login. (hereinafter referred to as "Cookies").

GANNI uses cookies to analyse how the Platform is used and to simplify and improve your visit. Furthermore, cookies are used to perform targeted marketing, to deliver the Services (as defined in our Terms and Conditions), administration of customer relationships in general (orders, purchase history, invoicing etc.), prevention of fraud, scams and illegal use of our Platform and/or the provided Services, customer support and prevention of unauthorized logins.

We do not use cookies to store or collect Personal Information (as defined in our Privacy Policy). We use functional cookies to ensure that our Platform works as intended, which includes enabling the addition of items to the cart and the completion of an order. No personal information is stored, and these cookies are deleted automatically when the browser is closed.

We use services provided by Google (Google Analytics) to collect Web statistics. Inter alia, these cookies allow us to monitor which sites are visited, where the traffic comes from, etc. We use this information to measure and improve users’ experience and to follow up on sales and advertising campaigns.

GANNI uses the following Google Analytics advertising features:
• Remarketing (your data is collected if you are logged into Google and have given Google permission to link your web and app browser history to your Google account, so this information can be used to customise advertising).
• Advertising reporting (your data is collected to obtain information about visitor’s demographic composition and interests etc. so that we at GANNI can achieve a better understanding of our users)

In addition, we employ partners that help us to detect user behaviors, the profitability of online marketing activities and to provide targeted online advertising when you visit other websites. These services occasionally deploy third party Cookies, provided by our cooperation partners. To measure and optimise sales, we use the following services: Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Hotjar and SiteCampaign.

3. How to avoid or delete cookies 
Please refer to Google’s instructions for how to deselect Google Analytics on the internet.

If you do not wish to accept cookies you can reject their use by changing the appropriate settings on your browser. Please be aware that if you do not want to use cookies when visiting, it may have an impact on your purchasing experience.

It will depend on your browser and how you delete or block the loading of cookies. • If you are using a PC, cookies can be deleted by using the [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[Delete] shortcut.

If this does not work, or if you are using a MAC, please click on the link for the browser that you use:
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Flash cookies

4. Why do we inform you about cookie?
All European websites are obliged to inform users about which cookies are being placed on users’ IT devices. This information must be in accordance with the Regulation on the requirements for information and consent for the storing of and access to information on end-users' terminal devices ” (normally referred to as “the cookie order”).

5. Contact
If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, please contact our customer services at or (+45) 33 32 44 57 all weekdays between 10am - 5pm (CET).